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My debut EP [Colors] is an album that contains songs I worked on with various thoughts at various times.

At each moment, I wished I had come out into the world before the color I had faded further.

Just as a person can't be defined with one word, I don't think it can be expressed with one color.

Of course, as time goes by, one color that represents me may become darker than another.

While working on this album, I focused on writing songs from moment to moment and decided to accept the color of each piece as my own and love it.

  1. Colors

    Lyricist: Stella Jang / Composer: Stella Jang / Arranger: Stella Jang

    This is a song I made in my dorm room in November 2012, the day before my birthday. This is a cappella song that talks about the different colors I have. For percussion, I used things that stood out in the room. Rubbing a pencil tied to a rubber band, I remember scratching the external hard case, tapping the desk... I even used my face as an instrument!

  2. Girls' Generation (Girl's Generation)

    Lyricist: Stella Jang / Composer: Stella Jang / Arranger: Jinbo

    This is a tearful song about the sadness of the entrance exam students in December 2011, when they were studying under stress due to the Grand Gécolle entrance exam. I dedicate it to the struggling girls who are going through days similar to mine when I was making that song.

  3. Chicken Ribs

    Lyricist: Stella Jang / Composers: Stella Jang / Arrangers: Stella Jang, JANE

    February 2016, chicken ribs you don't want to have and don't want to give away. I felt that the sound and meaning of the word 'Gyereuk' fit well, so I made this song. I don't want to own it, and it's a waste to give it to others, so it's terrible to manage the fishery. Don't do that.

  4. Dumped Yesterday

    Lyricist: Stella Jang / Composer: Stella Jang / Arranger: 5mg

    In May 2014, the separation between my friends and me was piling up. It's a song about a single text message, playing with strangers in a club, and trying to be cool, but in the end, waiting for a call in the room. Many thanks to the scumbags who directly or indirectly inspired me. The trash in the trash can!

  5. Transfer

    Lyricist: Stella Jang / Composer: Stella Jang / Arranger: JANE

    In February 2016, I took the Shinbundang Line to Gangnam Station.

    I think some of you may find the voice of an unknown woman kindly reminding you of farewell, 'It's a transfer' every time you take a transportation card. It is a song full of materialism that contains the message that one must become rich to break free from the yoke of transit. Be rich, everyone!

  6. It's Raining (Feat. Verbal Jint)

    Lyricists: Stella Jang, Verbal Jint, Delicat / Composers: Stella Jang / Arrangers: Stella Jang, Han Yohan

    In April 2011, it was the first song I made with the guitar. It's the first song I made, so it's a sad but precious song. But, it's a song I'm thankful for that made my dream of 'working with Verbal Jint' come true.

  7. Portrait of You

    Lyricist: Stella Jang / Composer: Stella Jang / Arranger: Stella Jang

    A song I wrote in November 2012 while sitting alone in my dorm room. This song was released as a single on my parents' wedding anniversary last year. I was expecting tears of emotion, but I didn't cry. So next time, I will work on the front and see tears of emotion.

- Written by Stella Jang (Translated)

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