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  • 180g Heavy Duty Color Vinyl
  • Poly paper inner sleeve

The OST album of 'When the Camellia Blooms,' which was popularly aired, consisted of luxury OST songs sung by John Park, Owen, Mott X Yongju, Lim Hanbyeol, Soyou, Punch, Kim Nayoung, Kim Feel, Heize, Gaeun, and Kim Yeonji, which were released in a super luxurious lineup. , Also produced as a color half LP, it will be a more fruitful gift for drama fans.

'John Park - Stranger,' which announced the first start of the OST with lyrics perfect for the drama, 'O.WHEN - Loser', which expresses the feelings of a man who becomes a loser in front of love, and 'The thrill of a couple who just started falling in love.' 'Mote X Yongju - You are like vitamins to me,' 'Im Han Byeol - You as pretty as a flower,' containing Yongsik's confession of wishing for Dongbaek's happiness, represents Dongbaek's heart to be cautious and courageous about love 'Soyou - Are you okay', 'Punch - Like a main character in a movie' conveying happiness at this moment as if meeting you and becoming the main character at this moment, 'Kim Na-young', which touched the hearts of viewers as if representing the main characters' feelings - Around that time', 'Kim Pil - When Winter Comes', which conveyed a warm impression in the cold winter, 'Heize - Destiny Talks to Me', which tells the story of Dongbaek's heart after a difficult day, and 'Ga-Eun-I', which moved the heart with warm comfort. A total of 12 songs, including 'll Be With You', Kim Yeon-ji's My Mom, and the particular track 'The First Noel,' in which the artists who participated in the OST of When the Camellia Blooms gathered again and showed new harmony with their respective voices. The singing songs make the viewers cry and laugh and convey the drama's emotion.

'When the Camellia Blooms' is a music director who is in charge of music for numerous dramas such as 'Descendants of the Sun', 'Moonlight Drawn by Clouds', and 'Misty', and is loved by the public for his music that fits well with the drama as well as OST hits. Ant led the way, and even when the camellias bloomed, high-quality piece was inserted in the right place to maximize the drama's atmosphere.

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