Weki Meki - 4th Mini Album [NEW RULES] CD Fantagio Break ver.
Weki Meki - 4th Mini Album [NEW RULES] CD Fantagio Take ver.

    Weki Meki - 4th Mini Album [NEW RULES]

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    A 'free and confident me' who is not tied to the gaze of others!
    “NEW RULES” by Weki Meki, who is “COOL”, breaking the norms and making a new path

    In June, Weki Meki, who gave a hot summer with [HIDE and SEEK], announced a comeback with this autumn's 4th mini album [NEW RULES].

    Weki Meki's fourth mini-album [NEW RULES] contains the message of 'breaking down the existing rules and writing down Weki Meki's own new rules', and such messages can be seen in concept photos, music videos, and lyrics.
    In particular, this album, which received more momentum as it was a comeback after 4 months, raises expectations for Weki Meki's ‘Girl Spirit’ as well as establishing the direction for Weki Meki’s ‘Girl Spirit’.

    Weki Meki, which has been growing steadily since their debut, will once again expand their spectrum with their new album [NEW RULES], and will clearly imprint what Weki Meki's “Girl Spirit” is with their free and confident charm.


    • Cover: 250 x 180mm
    • Photobook: 250 x 180mm, 72p (Images vary by version)
    • CD-R: 1 type (images differ by version)
    • Tag Card: 50 x 150mm, random 1 out of 4(images differ by version)
    • Photocard: 55 x 85mm, random 1 out of 8(images differ by version)
    • First-press limited poster: 762 x 525mm(images differ by version) *Poster option required

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