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The World of the Married OST - JTBC Drama

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JTBC Fri Sat Drama "The World of the Married" Original Sound Track Released

'All things around me were perfect.'

A break in a relationship goes beyond sadness and creates anger and hatred. And the hatred deteriorated in love made the strongest force. In general, hatred, unlike anger, increases in strength over time. You realize that love and hatred are no longer emotions of both families.

JTBC 'The World of the Married', which depicts the story of a couple falling in love with a betrayal of a couple who believed to be love, based on the BBC's best-known work `` Doctor Foster '' The director's unique fatal and sensational depiction and the perfect breathing of the drama OST master `` ant '' music director boasted a lot of suction power, and many viewers announced the birth of the masterpiece.

In addition, it was reborn as the best topical work in the first half of 2020 and captured both topicality, audience rating, and workability.

In addition, the release of the Special OST album leaves a longer and deeper aftertaste in the viewers' minds.

From the first episode to the last episode, which left an unforgettable impact, OST and score tracks that lightened the drama are melted in every moment of “The World of the Married,” where the viewers were running out of breath with overwhelming tension.


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