SOLAR - 1st Single Album [SPIT IT OUT] CD RBW
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SOLAR - 1st Single Album [SPIT IT OUT]

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SPIT your passion with new challenges
Mamamu Solar's first solo album [SPIT IT OUT] released!

“It is a song that spits out all my passion. For me who always enjoys challenging new things, I thought the word “spit” fits me very well.
Sometimes the passion is so overflowing that it may be a bit strange, but it's a good idea to look around and not to be stressed out and to spit it out.
Then shall we go to listen? ”



  • POCKET COVER: 285x285x16mm / 1 random insertion among 3 types
  • CD-R: 118x118mm
  • BOOKLET: 279x279x14mm / 84p
  • LP PHOTOCARD: 275x275mm / 1 type inserted
  • PHOTO CARD TICKET: 55x140mm / 1 type insert
  • PHOTO CARD: 55x85mm / 1 random insertion out of 5 1
  • FOLDED POSTER: 275x550mm / 1 random insertion among 3 

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