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    SANDEUL - My Little Thought EP. 01

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    In the 'Thought book Series', which was released as a digital single in the previous film, 'Healing Song', a lazy me that lets people who are too busy living and miss important things in life find answers, and 'Small Box', an invisible wall that others define They cheered many people through the'small box', a cheer for young people who likened themselves to the world and looked at the world as much as they could.

    The final story of the 'Thought book Series' includes a soft emotional song 'Summer Day Summer Night' reminiscent of a wavy summer night, 'Letter' that deeply expresses the feeling of longing, and 'Thank You', which expresses appreciation for everything in the world. Through 5 tracks, it is not only a warm and soft feeling that sometimes speaks calmly but also a gentle voice with SANDUEUL's unique stable vocals and deep voice to convey a message.

    Also, in this 'My Little Thought', there are 150 pages of articles containing notes of what SANDUEUL is thinking, including pictures of the direct view of SANDUEUL, so you can feel the sensitivity of SANDUEUL delicately. 

    Like SANDUEUL's wish to be trusted and comfortable with music, We look forward to SANDUEUL's future steps to tell his music and stories more honestly and comfortably.

    • CD
    • Booklet: 148 x 210mm, 152p
    • Handwriting Thought Card: 100 x 80mm, random 1 out of 100 
    • Polaroid: random 1 out of 300
    • Bookmark: 100 x 40mm, random 1 out of 3

    Customer Reviews

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    Sandeul vocals will keep your skin clear

    I will forever miss B1A4 as a 5 piece group. But I am so happy my fave member continues to do solo albums. His vocals are perfect. This album is so so cute too!! Sandeul best boy forever!!!!

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