ONEWE - 1st Demo Album [STUDIO WE : Recording] CD RBW
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ONEWE - 1st Demo Album [STUDIO WE : Recording]

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ONEWE 1st Demo Album [STUDIO WE: Recording]

Since its debut, RBW's first boy band ONEWE, who has imprinted her image as a talented musician to the public with its unique and diverse musicality, releases the 1st Demo Album [STUDIO WE: Recording].

ONEWE is a band that carries out all musical works from song and performance as well as lyrics, composition, arrangement, and production, and the release of this demo album has a deep meaning.

[STUDIO WE: Recording] is an album that contains a moment in the process of building up songs that ONEWE has been working on, and is the first guide version sketching the original idea of ​​the song.

This is an unfinished rough version of the guide sound source created in the members' private studios before the official recording, and you can feel the new charm of ONEWE, where the original feeling remains the same.

It consists of 9 tracks including the original sound of ONEWE's new song 'Parting', the first Prologue Mix version, the Melody guide version of the representative song 'Night Planet', and the Sunset Guitar vibe version of the debut song 'Da Memories'.
Through this 1st Demo Album [STUDIO WE: Recording], ONEWE is planning to prove the solid musicality of ONEWE once again.


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ONEWE - 1st Demo Album [STUDIO WE : Recording]

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