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Emotional modern rock band Nell, who can feel both joy and sad lyricism with their unique color and transparent feeling in emotional melodies, is back with a new regular album [Healing Process] after two years.

Nell, who has been making music that resonates with many people by putting extremely melancholy and sad stories in albums with unique sound colors and poetic lyrics, released an indie album called [Reflection of nell] in 2001, which made the public cry. I started meeting people.

After that, with [Stay] released in 2003 and [Thank you] in 2004, Nell received more and more attention as the first band of the 'Monster Indiezine Label,' a rock music label launched by 'Seotaiji Company.' It became popular and formed a fan base. The band Nell, which has secured many fans with its unique music style that cannot be found in any other band, started as a four-member band with friends of the same age born in the 1980s, named 'Nell' after the title of the movie starring Jodie Foster.

Lead vocalist Kim Jong-wan, who can compose and write lyrics for all songs in an album with a sad yet appealing singing style; guitarist Lee Jae-Kyung, which boasts a transparent guitar tone; and drummer Jeong Jae-won, who stands out with a sense of stability and a relaxed and groovy expression, It consists of Lee Jung-hoon on the bass who plays delicate emotions and tight emotions.

They are also famous as a talented band that handles the practical parts of album production, such as writing lyrics, composing, playing, producing, and recording all songs. [Healing process], which is newly introduced after two years of meeting with the original artist Iwan, is an original and unique work world created by fantasy illustration artist Iwan, widely known as the author of 'Waterboy' and 'Hole.') the artist participated in the album design and created an album jacket with a sad and dreamy atmosphere. It expressed the characteristics of this album well, like looking at a fantasy picture book with a fantastic imagination.

Nell.. The process of healing a breakup.. Nell has been using sophisticated music to show the transparent depression that permeates deep into the heart through apparent sadness and lyrical beauty in each album and explosive emotions released this time [Healing process]. They also sublimated their personal and honest feelings into poetic expressions. A total of 17 songs were produced as 2 CDs and included in the album with a voice that expresses calmly and complexly entangled emotions in a simple yet subdued way and sometimes expresses them boldly and directly.

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