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KARD - 1st Single Album [Way With Words]

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KARD 1st Single ‘Way With Words’

KARD is releasing their first single 'Way With Words' and making a full comeback.

The single “Way With Words” to be released this time includes the title song “GUNSHOT”, as well as “ㅏㅣㅑ (AH EE YAH)” and “HOLD ON” 3 songs with opposite charms.

The album name ‘Way With Words’ literally means ‘You’re very good at talking.’ The message about the power of 'words' that listeners can accept positively or negatively depending on how they say the same words is expressed in KARD's own style over various genres and sounds.

In particular, member BM, following "Dumb Litty" released in September last year and "RED MOON" in February last year, was named not only in the title song "GUNSHOT" of this album, but also on all tracklist lyrics, composition, and arrangement. It is strengthening its position even more firmly. In addition, member J.seph also participated in the lyrics of all songs to enhance the album's completion.

As KARD has boasted a wide spectrum of music and various charms for each album, it is expected that the attention of music fans around the world will be focused on the new appearance to be shown through this comeback.

Album Preview

  1. ㅏㅣㅑ (AH EE YAH)
    Lyrics by BM, Kyuwon'Q' Kim (617 Music), J.seph
    Composed by BM, Kyuwon'Q' Kim (617 Music)
    Arranged by Wiidope (617 Music), BM
    “ㅏㅣㅑ (AH EE YAH)” is a reggae-based bright and lively atmosphere, expressing the feeling of love for each other, who was friends, confessing their feelings with courage, and reacting to those sweet words. This is an outstanding song.
    Lyrics by BM, J.seph
    Composed by BM, Kyuwon'Q' Kim (617 Music)
    Arranged by Wiidope (617 Music), BM
    'Speech' has tremendous power, and depending on how you speak, it can light up someone's life, and on the contrary, it can make someone's life more and more sick. “GUNSHOT” is a song that expresses in-depth message about how great the power of a horse is in KARD's own style.
  3.  HOLD ON
    Korean Lyrics by BM, J.seph
    Composed by Hayley Aitken, Olof Lindskog, 72
    Arranged by OLLIPOP
    “HOLD ON” is a song that conveys KARD's sincere heart that the time has come when it is unavoidable to have to leave for a while, but no matter how much time passes, the love for each other will remain unchanged.

Album Content

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KARD - 1st Single Album [Way With Words]

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