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GFRIEND - Album [回:LABYRINTH] Flawed - 201015

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The girl group GFRIEND will come back with the release of their mini album [回: LABYRINTH] on February 3.

Starting with their 2015 debut album, "Season of Glass", GFRIEND, which has built their own narrative based on a mature album and solid story in the framework of the girl's growth, releases a new album in about seven months.

In the meantime, GFRIEND is known as 'Glass Bead', 'We Guess (Me Gustas Tu)', 'Rough', 'You and Me (NAVILLERA)', 'FINGERTIP' 'LOVE WHISPER', 'SUMMER RAIN', 'Time for the moon night', 'Sunny Summer', 'Sunrise' 'Fever', etc. He has succeeded in successing every album he releases and has established itself as a representative girl group with a healthy concept of pure and powerful and delicate performance.

GFRIEND, representing the pure girl's emotions in the trilogy of the school series, reflects the group's identity. He has been telling the story of deeper love by singing, 'I'm in love like a tropical night.'
[回: LABYRINTH] is the name of the album where '한 (명)' means 'turn around' and 'Labyrinth', which means a maze where the exit is not easily found due to numerous choices. Implicitly represents 'the moment of choice the girl faces in the growth process'.

This year, GFRIEND, which celebrates its 5th anniversary in this year, is expected to become a new inflection point that can show the lyric and certain color that only girlfriends have.

Track List

  1. Labyrinth
  2. 교차로 (Crossroads)
  3. Here We Are
  4. 지금 만나러 갑니다 (Eclipse)
  5. Dreamcatcher
  6. From Me


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