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EVERGLOW - 2nd Single Album [HUSH]

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The return of the monster rookie!! “Everglow”, the main character of the music industry in August

They shout on behalf of the confident and subjective children these days.

“From the beginning, the protagonist should have been me Goodbye Adios”

Everglow, a blitz comeback on August 19th with their 2nd single album [HUSH]!!

Global Super Rookie Everglow's luxury girl crush is announced as the main character in the music industry in August

All-kill in the music industry with fascinating stage performances that are different from 'Intensity + Unprecedented Beauty' and 'As a Monster Rookie -> Stage Goddess

Everglow, a monster rookie who appeared in the music industry like a comet with his debut album 'ARRIVAL OF EVERGLOW' and captivated the world as a global super rookie, will come back to the music industry in August with a luxury girl crush that will embellish the summer night.
Everglow, who finished preparing to become the protagonist of the music industry this summer with an unrivaled visual, overwhelming stage performance with a different dimension, and an intense and unconventional concept, is ready to transform into a more mature and fascinating stage goddess.
The intense beat of Everglow's identity "Sparkling Chic" and the title song "Adios" solidifies Everglow's unique team concept, and their eyes and overwhelming charisma shown through the jacket and music video make me captivate.

Everglow made a brilliant comeback with a dream of becoming the main character of the music industry in August!

Become a stage goddess from a monster rookie!

It's time to fall into their magic.


Composed by Melanie Fontana, Lena Leon, Michel “Lindgren” Schulz, 72
Lyrics written by Bora Lee, 72
Track Produced by Michel “Lindgren” Schulz

Hush, which has the same title as the album name, is a song that gives a glimpse into the story of Everglow.

Hush, made with the exquisite fusion of EDM and POP, is a medium-tempo song, but with a melody lead using vocals, the exquisite charm that makes the atmosphere of the song stand out.

A collaboration of 72 with Melanie Fontana, Lindgren and Lena Leon, who collaborated on 'Poetry for the Little Things' of BTS, representing K-POP as well as hit songs by famous foreign singers such as The Chainsmokers and Justin Bieber. It is also enough to draw attention.

2. Adios
Composed by Olof Lindskog, Hayley Aitken, Gavin Jones, 72
Lyrics written by Ji-eum Seo, 72
Track Produced by OLLIPOP

Adios is a POP and R&B song with Trap and EDM added, expressing the chic charm of Everglow with an intense beat, a melody that fits comfortably in the ear at once, and an addictive whistle in an appropriate balance.

'From the beginning, the protagonist should have been me, Goodbye, Au Revior, Adios', and Adios, who shouts on behalf of the proud and independent children of these days. It is also expressed as 'the everglow that will be.'

The composers Olof Lindskog, Hayley Aitken, Gavin Jones, and 72, who produced the best hit songs in K-POP such as TVXQ and Red Velvet, created Adios exclusively for Everglow. .

3. You Don’t Know Me
Composed by Olof Lindskog, Ludwig Lindell, Hayley Aitken, 72
Lyrics written by Eunjung Kang, 72
Track Produced by OLLIPOP, Ludwig Lindell

You Don't Know Me in the EDM-POP genre shows Everglow's bright and refreshing charm through a combination of popular melodies, chords, and intense synth lines.

This song was collaborated with Kang Eun-jung for Everglow. Another charm of Everglow is a song that expresses the pure heart hidden inside of six strong girls who represent a dizzying world and exude overwhelming charisma.

Album Content

  • CD, Booklet (64p)
  • Mini Postcard: Randomly insert 1 set out of 2 sets
  • Photocard: 1 out of 12 types per member + 1 out of 3 groups randomly inserted (2 cards in total)


EVERGLOW - 2nd Single Album [HUSH]

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