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CRUSH - with HER

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Story, voice, feeling, emotion, reverberation, silhouette.
Of them.

1. Let go of it (with Taeyeon)
It is a smooth R&B/Soul-based song, with a warm guitar playing on a lonely piano melody, and the harmony between Taeyeon and Crush. The voices of two men and women feel that the separation has come. Did she know the end?

2. Tip Toe (with Lee Hi)
A song that reinterprets 90's R&B and lets you feel the chemistry of Lee Lee and Crush on the soulful beat. As if to reach her, she gently approaches. Without anyone knowing.

3. Dance (with Sora Lee)
Sora Lee and Crush digested this song in a very different way from the existing Bossa Nova framework, and'Dance (with Sora Lee)' is characterized by beautiful melody and lyrics. She left, and he said that he would never dance again, and he was immersed in her twinkling starlight.

4. Step By Step (with Yoon Mirae)
This song, which creates a rich sound with brilliant arrangements, also expressed 90's R&B by Yoon Mirae and Crush again. Step by step slowly, she opens her mind and approaches.

5. She Said (with BIBI)
“She Said,” an R&B track with hip-hop elements, is an impressive song with intense expressions. She (BIBI) finally said after four years of writing this song.

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