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7 O'CLOCK - 5th Project Album [HIGHWAY]

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Seven O'clock 5th Project Album [HIGHWAY]

Global trending idol Seven O'clock

[HIGHWAY] released, which contains the moments of sprinting without hesitation in search of their own dreams!

Seven O'clock, which has returned with the title song ‘Hey There,’ after about nine months, has come back as a strong man who constantly runs in search of a bright world with their own dreams. Seven O'clock, united to open a new world through this growing time, is a white night standing on the boundary between a boy and a man in the third mini-album 'White Night' released in November 2019. From the five dreaming youths, they are going to show the image of strong men running passionately in search of that dream.

The title song'Hey There' and Seven O'clock, which captures the image of running toward a bright world, thinking about the dream of Seven O'clock, which is opening the most fierce youth arena, You can meet the new and masculine Seven O'clock that has been upgraded to 'Wassup', which will show a new charm as the first hip-hop genre to challenge. In particular, through this album 'HIGHWAY', team has transformed from a boyish appearance to a unstoppable man with a sexy look, instilling anticipation from domestic and foreign fans.

As the representative producer of Seven O'clock's agency, Forest Network, a K-Pop idol producer led by music director Oh Jun-sung, a master composer of OST who has led the Korean Wave fever, and a composer team that is active in Korea, Japan and China, Top Track (Oh Jun-seong, Under the direction of Shin Hyung, Jay Hong),  worked together for the best quality of Seven O'clock's 5th Project Album [HIGHWAY].

American star producer Tommy Parker, who produced songs by world-renowned singers such as Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, and Ariana Grande, selected and collaborated with K-pop idols as the idol they want to join. Thanks to its melody and popular music, it is widely recognized for its musicality abroad.

Seven O'clock (Seven O'clock), dreaming of a leap forward with their tireless enthusiasm, will lead a new trend of K-POP while proving that it is a global trend through this 5th Project Album'HIGHWAY'. Let's take a look at Seven O'clock's'HIGHWAY', which will show you the addictive chorus, trendy sound, and hot energy.

Track List

1.Hey There (Title)
Produced by Oh Joon Sung (Top Track)
Composition, lyrics, arrangement: Top Track (Oh Joon Sung, Shin Hyung, Jay Hong)

“From Boys to Men” This track has a different charm than Seven O'clock's music style, which has released songs of various genres since its debut. Tropical House-type pop music combines synth sound and brass to highlight a trendy sound. .
It captures the strong image of Seven O'clock, running without hesitation in search of a bright world toward their own dream, and the addictive chorus is the point of appreciation.

2. Wassup
Produced by Oh Joon Sung (Top Track)
Composition, lyrics, arrangement: Top Track (Oh Joon Sung, Shin Hyung, Jay Hong)

This is a hip-hop genre song that Seven O'Clock, which is expanding its spectrum, is the first to challenge, and expresses a strong commitment to open a new world unique to Seven O'clock without giving up. The word “Wassup” repeated in the chorus feels like a spell, and the rhythmic synth melody line and energetic flow of the song stand out, making you look forward to Seven O'clock's powerful performance and hot energy.

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7 O'CLOCK - 5th Project Album [HIGHWAY]

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