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Favorite album

I was so happy that feel special was in stock on this site. Shipping was super fast and everything came safely!

Amazing Album!!!

This was my first Dreamcatcher album and I was not disappointed. It was brought safely, and I loved everything that came with it!!


Had to buy this since the show was absolutely spectacular! Impressed by Kave Square! Too, first time buyer. Packaging was perfect with products bubble wrapped for protection. I appreciate how Kave Square makes sure the customer receives the items in pristine condition. Seems they treasure their products as much as the customers. Will buy again (as long as prices and shipping are reasonable)! and

Came well packaged/protected and on time/quickly :)


Such a big fan of the show and it had the photos from the disposable camera from the show and some polaroid style photos as well!

Such a good product and Kave Square sent it along with a second order I placed without having to contact them. Gave me upgraded shipping as well. So satisfied!

so happy!

reached me safely & quickly!!

love it <33

just got my Mask Off version today, absolutely love it!! it came so well packaged, completely intact and even with a couple extra photocards I wasn't expecting, and y'all know how much we kpop stans love photocards lol. totally recommend!!

Ateez photobook ode to youth

Everything came well, it just took a while to arrive


I bought this as a gift for my friend. It was very protected came a day after it said it would come, butte it still came fast. It comes with a lot.

I love them

My packages came fast and they were very protected.

I in I-DLE stands for Insane

They are mind blowing group. I bought all three version. All of the version is so well thought out. I listened all of the songs on the album religiously. It arrived safe and well!

As Pretty as Miyeon

Miyeon’s album has been on loop since it came out. The concept suits her pure beuty so well. The album is gorgeous and arrived in an excellent condition! Thank you Miyeon and Thank you Kavesquare!



the album reached me quickly and in great condition!

love love love!

arrived in perfect condition! <3


album arrived safely and quickly :)

super cute!!

love this album!! i got the ridin ver and pulled chenle circle card, jaemin pc, and jisung poster <3

Shipping Protection
Mackenzie C.

To have my package protected really eased my worries, especially for only a small added fee.


I ordered a few of these albums. Kavesquare has not disappointed with their fast and safe shipping. All products came safely and I loved the album. 10/10!


the album design is so creative!! the packaging is really nice too! it’s kinda similar to 127’s neo zone packaging but even better! album arrived in great condition <3

Yes, I am Jihyo

Awesome book, and awesome price compared to other stores. Will definitely shop from again! Thank you!!!!!


album was packaged well and arrived safely and quickly!! will definitely be ordering again <3


The package came within a reasonable amount of time and the album came in great condition! I'm super pleased :)