Gaeko 1st Regular [Redingray] 2CD - KAVE SQUARE

Gaeko 1st Regular [Redingray] 2CD


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Gaeko 1st Regular [Redingray] 2CD - KAVE SQUARE

Gaeko 1st Regular [Redingray] 2CD

Product description

Gaeko of Dynamic Duo [REDINGRAY]

Live the world. Everyone goes through many trials and errors and grows in their own way.

As all actions and phenomena have a reason, this album obsessively observes and digs into 'it' that we might have passed through without knowing. It's about everyone who lives as a man, a friend, a son, and a father.

In the end, you can only believe in yourself, but various emotions experienced by humans living in troops are lightly or heavily expressed in the space of music.

Love, farewell, anger, emotion, jealousy, revealed in a gray city that is as barren as a barren, is a dynamic duo of Gaeko's solo album [REDINGRAY].

Disc. 1

  1. 될 대로 되라고 해 (Rhythm Is Life)
  2. 제정신이 아냐 (Feat. Bumkey) (Passout)
  3. 서울 블루스 3 (Feat. Choiza, DJ Soulscape, 이주한 Of Winterplay) (Seoul Blues Part3)
  4. 동방예의지국 (East)
  5. Chaser The Rapper Part1
  6. 세상에 (Feat. DJ Friz) (Oh My God)
  7. 화장 지웠어 (Feat. Zion.T, Ha:Tfelt) (No Make Up)
  8. Interlude By Simo
  9. 은색 소나타 (Feat. Crush) (Silver Sonata)

Disc. 2

  1. 치명적인 비음 (Snapper Ending)
  2. 복수의 칼 2 (Feat. Choiza, Yankie, Hangzoo, Geegooin) (Mr. Vengeance Part2)
  3. Chaser The Rapper Part2
  4. 휑하다 (Feat. Ailee) (Hueng Hai)
  5. Festival Virgin
  6. Interlude By Simo
  7. 장미꽃 (Rose)
  8. 과거는 갔고 미래는 몰라 (Shame)
  9. 치명적인 비음 Remix (Feat. Dok2) (Snapper Ending Remix)
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