Win a SQUARE CD player! [Part. II]

by June R on August 01, 2021

Check product details HERE

by chassidy on August 17, 2021

thank you for the opportunity, you’re a great company and i’ve always ordered always when i’ve needed to since i’ve found you thanks for feeding my kpop addiction haha

by Yareli on August 17, 2021

Would be amazing if i could win- but anyways goodluck to everyone!! Thanks so much Kave square for doing this again!♡♡

by Noah Maccubbin on August 11, 2021

omg, that’s crazy that there is a giveaway for this cd player. 2 days ago I was talking about this same cd player because she got on for christmas and I thought it was cool. What a coincidence! I checked on amazon for it but the average price was $60 which is pretty expensive. I hope I win and good luck to everyone. If I don’t win, congratulations to the winners!

by Judy Tran on August 11, 2021


by Lorea Becerra on August 11, 2021

Thanks for the chance to enter the giveaway hope I win !!

by Denise on August 11, 2021

I really hope I win it !!!

by Timira on August 11, 2021

Hoping to win! 💖

by Helen on August 11, 2021

Hopefully, I get to win!!!! 🤞

by anessa on August 03, 2021

this is so cool! hopefully i win :D

by Lucero on August 03, 2021

Good luck guys!🤞🏽

by van on August 03, 2021

I’d love to win one since I don’t really use my albums besides looking at it and I don’t have a car that I could play the CDs with. (:°з」∠)

by mya on August 02, 2021

i would really love this i have a dusty old cd player that doesnt work and i cant afford another one so this would be nice

by Jenny on August 02, 2021

my birthday is at the end of this month pls 😔

by Rebekah S on August 01, 2021

Thank you to kave square for the giveaways! ☺️

by aaliyah on August 01, 2021

i really need a new cd player and i cant afford a new one since they cost way too much money

by Arianna on August 01, 2021

I would love to win it!


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